Start your own sustainable place in Brussels


We received 21 applications. We interviewed 9 of them and we ended up selecting 5. It was a tough call. We wanted to fund more but we are budget constrained for this first edition. So we ended up picking what we believe is a great sample of the talent we have in Brussels.

Selected projects

🧹 Get off my broom

Emma Balimaka wants to bring magic and alternative spirituality practices from around the world to Brussels. Get Off My Broom is a community of spiritual people by spiritual people. A place to get Magickal supplies (herbs, oils, crystals, books and chat with like-minded people).

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🌍 Hearth Project

Adeline Barras and Elliott Van de Velde offer gastronomic meals made out of local food, food surplus & rescued food affordable for everyone regardless of their income.

They are raising awareness about food waste and ways to avoid it through workshops & events bringing the local community together with a team of Chefs and experts in the field. They plan to grow a local garden and a school to train & coach restaurant staff on food waste issues.

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🍜 Nuu Miso

Sachiyo Honda, Hiro Ojima and Miku Enomoto make organic Miso and Koji (Japanese fermentation food) for local customers. We also offer creative workshops, cooking and catering. The goal is to create a link with people around miso and koji, but also to think together about what is a sustainable life in the future.

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🚲 Roof

Camille and Ignace De Bruyn and Charles-Antoine Boels want to solve the bike storage issue in Brussels. Roof is a platform creating a connection between garage owners and cyclists who want to park their bikes safely near their homes. It allows owners of garages to make money while improving cyclists' lives, mobility and safety in the city.

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🍞 Soleil Bakery

Antoine Martinot wants to start his own micro bakery in Schaerbeek. Whereas a classic bakery requires a €70k professional oven and working endless hours to make it financially sustainable, one could start a micro bakery with just a €2300 oven. He will use local and organic ingredients.

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