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🧹 Get off my broom

Emma Balimaka wants to bring magic and alternative spirituality practices from around the world to Brussels. Get Off My Broom is a community of spiritual people by spiritual people. A place to get Magickal supplies (herbs, oils, crystals, books and chat with like-minded people).

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April 2021

Last month we Launched 50 jars of elemental teas that will now become a staple in our product line.

Next month we will Launch our Zodiac Oils ( pre-sales)

Securing stock and packaging

May 2021

We Secured the supplies of the Zodiac Oils and Launched the pre-sales.

We will secure Herb suppliers and start training with HUB.

Securing Stock

June 2021

Last month has been a race against the clock for my Jobyourself “deliverables” in order to have my TVA number earlier than all the other contestant. I had 6 documents to deliver before the first of june.


A business model canva

A full financial plan for the majority of my products “which took so long”

A provision of sales for the 18 months starting august 2nd.

A pitch

A Prospecting plan

A communication plan.

For Hub ( auberge espagnol) I had the task to rewrite a lot of my communication and kinda redo my website and look at all my social media pages, I have been working with Solange from Les Branchees, gave her access to my analytics and we are making a communication plan for the opening of the pop-up shop.

I have also been working on my update video but even though I bought a new computer it is still a 2012 computer and it has been soooo very slow.

Also I really wanted the Zodiak oils to be done to post anything on my social media

The ZodiaK oils are shipping on the 15th if all goes well. I will start communicating on SM t little earlier after I have taken the pictures.

I have to admit, most of June was administrative and work and I haven't had time for lab days at all, which is really depressing.

I also haven’t had time for content on my social media.

I found a sort of pharmacy that I want to rent as of October for the real shop. It's on Chaussee de Charleroi and it would be a great shop to have.

Next month is a month before the Shop opening I will have to secure the stock for August second (freaking out)

The re-sale stock is what I am having a hard time with, also I have been so busy that I have neglected contacting all the suppliers. ( I am in the process of hiring a personal email assistant (freelance).

The handmade stock needs to also be created and manufactured but I have had no time at all. Hopefully I will have all the help I can get in July for all of that.

I might need help with filling up the shop because my products alones might not do it, therefore if you know any small creators or artists (whose work might align with mine) that would like to sell or display their work, send them my ways and we can arrange something.

Also for the store decoration I will need a lot of vintage trinkets, jars, books, bottles, flowers, plants. It would be great if anyone has some tchotchkes they would like to get rid off or lend, I am trying to create a very old timey atmosphere.

Again sorry for the lateness but it’s been so hectic.

On a personal note;

I might take some vacation around the 21 and 30th of june (Mercury willing)

My landlord just announced that he will be selling my apartment so I have to now make sure the place is in tip top shape and had to cancel my airbnbs for the end of june (ughhh!)

I have an Airbnb today at 3pm. I have to move all my lab stuff to my partner’s place in Schaerbeek and come to the meeting at 10am. Needless to say, I am trying not to collapse hahaha.

Thanks again for this opportunity, it’s hectic but exciting.