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🍜 Nuu Miso

Sachiyo Honda, Hiro Ojima and Miku Enomoto make organic Miso and Koji (Japanese fermentation food) for local customers. We also offer creative workshops, cooking and catering. The goal is to create a link with people around miso and koji, but also to think together about what is a sustainable life in the future.

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April 2021

What we have done last month

-Made a first idea of Logo and Label of Nuumiso.

-Made the flyer to explain miso.

-Bought a used vacuum packaging machine.

Production of Koji

28th, 29th, 30th April  3kg

What we will do next month

-Make bigger quantities of Koji.

-Look for suppliers of Bio soybeans.

What we need help with

May 2021


What we have done last month

-Meet with Winny of Beanlife(producteur de Tempe)

We will buy 1 ton of soybeans ( Made in Belgium ) from him.

-Meet with Fermenthings.…

They will be future client.

-Meet with Saké craft.…

Exchange for making Koji.

-Meet with Cyrille who helped to  make Koji at Frmentings.

He will be our collaborateur and conseiller.

-Meet with Niko Niko (Japanese Bento shop).…

We can use the  kitchen for our workshop in week-end.

-Registered in Biofresh (supplier of organic ingredients ).

We will order rice.

-Sent all the document to AFSCA

-Production of Koji

19th, 20th, 21th May 8kg

27th, 28th, 29th May 8kg

-Production of Miso

27th May 2

What we will do next month

-We have to find the best way for making Koji. Cyrille will lend us a machine of chafing dishes. We will try his way.

-We need 2 high power cooktops.

-Negotiation with Kumiko about renovation in our space for control of AFSCA.

-We will start the Miso making workshop in NicoNico.

-Make Amawaké for Kumiko.

-Look for some subsidies. Make the document for Brussel Finance.

What we need help with

Information for control of AFSCA.

How we can make the document for finance.

Pub for workshops.

June 2021

What we have done last month

What we will do next month

What we need help with